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Standard/Status Date/Comments (Chairs)
Title Publ. Date Status
IEEE 516 Live Line Guide 2010  
IEEE 935 Terminology R2006  Reaffirmed
IEEE 957 Insulator Cleaning 2005  Under revision (T. Carreira)
IEEE 1048 Protective Grounding R1995  Under revision (C.King)
IEEE 1067 Conductive Clothing 2005  New PAR to NESCOM Jan 2009
IEEE 1070 Restoration Structures 1996  
IEEE 1307 Fall Protection 2004  Balloted and submitted to RevCom for re-affirmation (E. Hunt)
IEEE 1654 RF Worker Protection    PAR extended for editorial changes, (K. Brown & N. Kolcio)
Grounding-Induction In-progress Draft 8 (B. Erga)


Requirements for Training for Live work on AC Transmission Systems TPWRD-00143-2004 - Manual 1 Published
Elements of a Live Line Program - TPWRD-00487-2007 - Manual 2
Recommend Practices for Using a Helicopter in a Wire Environment - TPWRD-00483-2007 - Manual 3
Recommended Practices for Approaching and Bonding a Platform Equipped Helicopter to Energized Lines - to be Manual 4
Contractor Qualifications for Live Working TPWRD-00486-2007 - Manual 5
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